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Aldersley Capital Direct takes the guesswork and hassles out of investing, giving you more time to concentrate on your other interests.

About Us

Aldersley Capital is an investment management company incorporated in 1985. In 2013 it commenced managing investments for a select group of self-directed wholesale and sophisticated clients on a large platform. It consistently outperformed benchmarks for Australian equities over those ten years. John Aldersley is the key executive.

Now in 2024, with the launch of Aldersley Capital Direct, this expertise is to be shared with the wider Australian public.

Why Aldersley Capital Direct?


You can gain the benefits of an actively managed professional portfolio while retaining the main benefits of personal ownership and avoiding the daily paperwork hassles.

Beneficial ownership

The shares are safely held by a Custodian but you retain the beneficial ownership for tax purposes, a more tax effective and transparent system than unitised funds

Access to wholesale placements

The single H.I.N. registration of securities allows the Investment Manager to participate in wholesale placements otherwise only available to sophisticated investors. These are disaggregated in the system on a pro-rata basis.


No hidden fees or costs and full disclosure of the securities you own. You can view 24/7 via the online Portal or the mobile App.

A team you can Trust

In a world where scams are becoming more sophisticated, it’s good to have your hard earned wealth in the safe hands of an experienced team you can completely trust.

Exceptional Returns

John Aldersley has consistently produced world class investment returns since the nineteen seventies, including the verifiable past ten years, “under the radar” of investment research houses.

How does it Work?

You decide if this is what you are looking for

The website contains copious information to help you form an opinion on our abilities, trustworthiness and the quality of the product offered

Select your investment portfolio.

You can do this after registering on the Portal above, or prior. Portfolio strategies are set out in detail on this website and summarised in the Investor Portal. You can view the key documents (PDS, TMD, Investment Menu) released by OpenWealth, without first registering by following this link. Key Documents.

Open an account

It takes just 5 minutes to open an online account for individuals, trusts, companies or self-managed super funds.

Our Portfolios


Meet John Aldersley

John Aldersley’s investing career spans 50 years in global and Australian funds management, merchant banking, financial advice and stockbroking. The originator of Managed Accounts in Australia with the launch of ShareInvest (1992) and DirectPortfolio (1996). He sold and retired in 2007, but in 2013, licensed Aldersley Capital and has managed a top-decile performing Managed Equity Portfolio for a select group of clients around Australia since, with no intention of retiring fully again.


Meet Michael Saba

Michael has been active in the Fixed Income, ASX ETO and OTC markets for over 30 years as an analyst and broker at major Australian broking houses such as ANZ McCaughan and Goldman Sachs JB Were. From 2009-2019 Michael started and managed the Fixed Income and Derivatives team at Evans & Partners, which included managing private and public fixed interest portfolios as well as an Equity Derivatives Fund.

Investment Performance

Performance data from 1976-2013 is lost to time. Performance figures from September 2013 to 31st January 2024 are drawn from verifiable data calculated by Hub24 during our time on that platform and average annual performance was over 12% per annum, after investment fees, about 5% above the S&P/ASX200TR benchmark. The Aldersley Capital Direct Investor Portal lacks this historic Performance data as the performance measuring clock has restarted with OpenInvest Limited.

Going forward from 1st March 2024, all performance data will be calculated by OpenInvest Limited and will be set out in the Aldersley Capital Client Portal and reproduced here. OpenInvest use a shadow portfolio and model returns are based on opening and closing net asset values for the specified period less the deduction of all fees, i.e. admin as well as investment fee, as they work on a single fee approach. Distributions are assumed to be all reinvested.

Past performance is not usually a reliable indicator of future performance. For our thoughts on that see our Insights article on the topic.

Portfolio Update June 2024

The transition to OpenWealth from Hub24 was completed within March 2024. Hub kindly agreed to provide the shadow portfolio performance ...

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