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The Aldersley Capital Managed Equity portfolio (ACP001 on the Hub24 platform) has now completed eight years of managing money for clients on the Hub24 platform. For most of that time, it has been top percentile or top decile performer for Australian equities on Hub24 over periods of greater than one year.

That accelerated in 2020 when the portfolio gained 54% while most investment managers struggled to get into the positive.

However we came back to the pack in 2021, moving sideways over the year while many of our competitors gained ground. We still are running at an annual average return of 11% since inception.

Omicron looks like being a saviour for the unvaccinated, as it provides protection against nastier variants like delta that might otherwise have caused severe illness. And for the rest of us, catching Omicron should just turn out to be an immune boost. So once the chaos of January is over, as the cases subside during February, economies should get back to some normality.

However, the conditions are entirely ripe for a severe correction or even a major bear market to suddenly develop during 2022. Its going to be an interesting year all right.