Investment Objective

Aims to provide investors with high levels of capital appreciation and some income over rolling 6-year periods by investing in an actively managed portfolio that provides global equity diversification mainly indirectly through thematic exchange traded funds.

Focused on a “top-down” approach, dynamically seeking to add value by anticipating which stockmarkets, asset classes, sectors and themes are most likely to deliver the best returns over coming months and years.

Typical Investor

Suitable for investors seeking high levels of capital growth over the longer-term and are prepared to accept a correspondingly high level of risk and market volatility to achieve this.

Designed for both small and large investors who wish to outsource the management and administration of the holdings. Suitable for gearing.

Recommended Minimum Investment


Indicative Number of Holdings

7-15 dynamically weighted.

Over all periods of 20 years, the portfolio should generate returns of at least 8% per annum before management fees on average, with associated volatility. Periods of rising long-term interest rates such as in 2023 tend to subdue returns in the early years, and are often associated with negative years.

Asset Allocation

The portfolio will predominately hold Australian and international equity exposures, but can hold indirect exposures to property, fixed interest and alternatives when considered appropriate. There is also the ability to hold up to 40% in cash if deemed appropriate towards market peaks.


We are aware of competitor products who claim to not charge any transaction fees on ETF’s. Their platforms invariably do one or more of the following:

a) Charge an extra annual platform fee to cover transaction expenses which we do not;

b) Benefit within the group from the maximum buy-sell spread on their own ETF issues (the difference between the bid and offer prices) which can exceed 1% whereas we always seek to minimise this spread when dealing.

c) Only review a portfolio quarterly and hardly ever make any changes, so its really a passive “set and forget” portfolio. This portfolio is re-evaluated daily.

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