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Back to the future

For over ten years to January 2024 Aldersley Capital provided a top decile (12.2% p.a) performing equity portfolio on the Hub24 platform accessible by retail investors on a general advice basis: The AC Managed Equity portfolio. Not that anyone outside of the AC client-base and newsletter list knew because Hub24 never publicised it publicly despite “shelf space” fees paid.

Hub24 has now limited investors to those receiving personal advice from an adviser. AC clients just want a professional investment solution without the added cost of a generic plan costing thousands and ongoing paperwork hassles related to the advice regime.

In response we’ve launched Aldersley Capital Direct under the OpenWealth brand of OpenInvest Limited ACN 614 587 183, AFSL 504 155 (“the Administrator”) who is the Responsible Entity for the Scheme. I’ve expanded the team with some highly experienced investment friends, as well as some new younger blood.

You do not require advice or an adviser in order to invest in Aldersley Capital Direct.

Before you go any further, you should read the Financial Services Guide ANDIKA-FSG-20230720 and Aldersley Capital FSG Part2.24.0131.pdf which set out our services and the pricing components. Financial Services are a lot cheaper when you don’t need personal advice! You’ll see we are a corporate authorised representative of Andika Pty limited. The licence contains the ability to provide personal advice, but I opted out of that system in 2018. Despite being licensed to provide personal advice from as early as 1992, I’ve never found the need to provide personal advice. General advice has always sufficed and is not tied up with as much red tape. We can supply you with general advice if needed, but the application process is very straightforward so many investors will not need it.

You have a choice of three investment models, two which are growth oriented, one is a specialist income portfolio, which can be used standalone for very risk-averse types, but is usually held in conjunction with one or both of the others in planning a capital drawdown strategy in retirement. But first a word on fees.

Single Platform Management fee, Discounts apply for size

In Aldersley Capital Direct, there is a single platform management fee, which includes all administration and your investment fee. The Management Fee is based on your total account balance, including the portion held in cash, and is calculated daily and deducted monthly in arrears from the cash holding in your account. The management fee is subject to discounts, applied across the entire account value above $500,000 as follows:

Account Value _____________________Discount

0 – $500000 _______________________0%

$500,001-$1,000000 ______________20%

$1000,001 – $2,000,000 ___________30%

$2,000,001-$3,000,000 ____________40%

Over $3,000,000 ___________________50%

Note these discounts are based on the daily total value of your portfolio and are not scaling. In other words if your portfolio is valued at $500,001 on any given day, the total management fee for the day is discounted by 20%. total account balance, including the portion held in cash, and is calculated daily and deducted monthly in arrears from the cash holding in your account.

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Our Portfolios

Managed Equity

The Managed Equity portfolio is our Flagship portfolio, index unaware and managed on a “total return” basis, including periodic use of “market timing” to limit capital risk. Has averaged over 12% per annum return over 10 years while on Hub24.

Income Plus Portfolio

The Income Plus portfolio is designed to achieve about 2%+ per annum more than the 12 month term deposit rate, about 7% on average, with much lower volatility than a pure share portfolio. It contains shares, bonds and hybrids.

Global Thematic portfolio

The Global Thematic portfolio is a low minimum entry ($5000) accumulation portfolio. It invests in listed ETF’s which are actively managed using “top-down” thematics. As this is a new portfolio there are no performance figures.