Aldersley Capital

Investment Management Company

Aldersley Capital Pty Limited (AC) is an investment management company responsible for managing investment portfolios on behalf of retail and wholesale clients. John Aldersley is the key executive.

Under its AFSL authority as a C.A.R. of Andika PL (AFS 297069) AC is able to provide financial product advice on and dealing in basic deposit products, securities, derivatives, superannuation, standard margin lending and managed investment schemes. In addition it offers access to it’s investment expertise through an online managed account financial product.

AC has outsourced the responsibility for investment administration, custody and web reporting functions to a Responsible Entity company who is also responsible for the compliance and other responsible entity functions of operating their registered managed investment scheme.

This delegation of both licence and administration responsibilities was deliberate. It avoids the problem facing most boutique investment managers – how to avoid the distractions of running a business so you can focus efforts on investment reearch, portfolio construction, dealing and client communications.

In managing portfolios, AC has direct access to the investment management technologies and is responsible for model management.

A message from

John Aldersley

John Aldersley originated managed accounts in Australia, and has nearly 50 years of experience managing portfolios. He came to wider public prominence when writing weekly 1998-2004 in the Sun Herald newspaper “Diary of a Professional Investor”, which had 1.4m readers.

Dear Self-Directed Investor

Growing your wealth and funding thirty or more years of retirement are matters of national as well as personal concern. People are generally retiring earlier and living much longer which increases longevity risk*. The challenge is on for Australians to self-fund their retirement. This is not achieved by simply leaving money in the bank. It is universally acknowledged wisdom that a properly managed share portfolio can provide, over the long term, the level of return required.

Investors generally prefer the transparency and flexibility of direct shareholdings to managed funds. Advances in computer technology now make it possible to retain the many benefits of direct ownership of shares, while avoiding the disadvantages by outsourcing management and administration to professionals.

Young investors have the potential benefits from compounding*, and if they regularly add to a portfolio, from dollar cost averaging* too. Their challenge normally is to have enough capital and motivation to get started.

Within a managed account, it’s easier to own shares in retirement because you can arrange a regular monthly payment from it, of your choosing. This is possible because of rebalancing.

Managed Accounts are designed to appeal to a wide range of investors, young or old, risk averse or aggressive, just starting out or already wealthy. Whatever your situation, we look forward to playing our part in helping you achieve your goals.

John Aldersley

PS *these concepts and other articles may be browsed under Insights. Ideally these articles will help you decide if you fit within our target markets. Our goal is to reinforce your confidence to trust us and the market through the inevitable cycles (especially the downs), as this “failure to stay the course” is the most common failing of retail investors.